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November 12, 2018

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Democracy without Nations? The Fate of Self-Government in Europe (part 1)
Pierre Manent - 04/16/08
  1. Manent alludes to Raymond Aron, La Révolution introuvable: Réflexions sur la revolution de Mai (1968) (Paris: Fayard, 1968); English language edition: The Elusive Revolution: Anatomy of a Student Revolt (New York: Praeger, 1969). In this work Aron wrote about the events and “spirit” of 1968 in a vein comparable to the one in which Flaubert and Tocqueville wrote on the revolution of 1848. (Trans.)
  2. 2. P. Raynaud, “Le droit, la liberté et la puissance. Portée et limites de la juridicisation de l’ordre politique,” Revue européenne des sciences sociales, t. 38, no. 118 (2000), 75–82.
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