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November 15, 2018

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Hoover Institution
George H. Nash - 01/03/11

It is the “think tank” feature of the Hoover Institution, however, that is most visible to the nation’s political elites. During the 1980s a significant number of its scholars served the Reagan administration in various capacities. Although by no means monolithically conservative, the institution remains celebrated on the American Right as the home of such individuals as Martin Anderson, Robert Conquest, Milton Friedman, and Thomas Sowell. As a generator and purveyor of conservatively oriented scholarship and policy analysis the institution continues to excel.

Before he died in 1964, Hoover remarked that the founding of the Hoover Institution was probably the most important thing that he had done in his life. Certainly, the establishment of the California institution bearing his name was arguably his greatest gift to American conservatism.

Further Reading
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