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March 20, 2019

Intercollegiate Review Archive

In 1965, ISI launched the Intercollegiate Review: A Journal of Scholarship and Opinion. After more than 40 years it remains one of the principal publications of American conservatism, annually reaching more than 50,000 of the Institute's members and subscribers.

By choosing the time period below, visitors are invited to search and read from past issues.

Some of the most popular offerings from the IR archives
"The Political Problem of Islam" by Roger Scruton - Fall 2002
"Terrorism and the Intellectuals" by Donald Kagan - Spring 2002
The Foundations of Compassionate Conservatism - Fall 2000 /Spring 2001
"The Fifty Worst (and Best) Books of the Century" - Fall 1999
The Professor as Company Man - Spring 1999
"How to be a Non-Liberal, Anti-Socialist Conservative" by Roger Scruton - Spring 1993
Technology and Ethics in a Brave New World Order - Fall 1992
The Constitution at 200: A Special Issue - Spring 1987
The State of Conservatism: A Symposium - Spring 1986
"The Legacy of Leo Strauss: A Bibliographic Introduction" by David L. Schaefer, Jr. - Summer 1974

In Memoriam
"John F. Lulves, Jr., 1941 - 2005, R.I.P." by Catherine R. Hancock - Fall/Winter 2005
"Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn: A Memoir" by John Lukacs - Fall 1999
"A True Sociologist: Robert Nisbet" by Brad Lowell Stone - Spring 1998
"The Heritage of Gerhart Niemeyer" by Michael Henry - Fall 1997
Henry Regnery-In Memoriam, Tribute Issue - Fall 1996
"Andrew Lytle, RIP" by Tom Landess - Spring 1996
Murray Rothbard: In Memoriam" by Harry C. Veryser - Fall 1995
Russell Kirk: Man of Letters, Tribute Issue - Fall 1994
"Friedrich August von Hayek: Requiescat in Pace" by Harry C. Veryser - Fall 1992
"Eric Voegelin (1901-1985)" by John H. Hallowell - Spring/Summer 1985

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