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May 27, 2018

Intercollegiate Review Archive

Volume 28, Number 2
Spring 1993


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  • Why a Proper Core Curriculum is Political and Ought Not Be “Politicized”
    John E. Alvis
  • The New Black Vanguard
    Joseph G. Conti & Brad Stetson
  • Rethinking American Conservatism in the 1990s: The Struggle Against Homogenization
    Mark C. Henrie
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  • Ross J. S. Hoffman: Conservative Spokesman in a Utopian Period – the War and Post-War Years
    John P. McCarthy
  • Freedom in an Age of Selfishness
    Edward R. Norman
  • How to be a Non-Liberal, Anti-Socialist Conservative
    Roger Scruton
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Having reduced the political dimension of man to the mere pleasing of material wants, the politicians now find themselves incapable of delivering even those goods. The result is that nasty beast: frustrated hope. The electorate had been led to expect so much of political action: They discover that most of the important problems of human life are not amenable to political solution. Thus a happy family life, or release from sorrow, freedom from illness, spiritual consciousness, stable professional relationships, and so on-the stuff of daily living, in fact -are beyond the reach of the political An impossibly high set of expectations in these areas, as now exists, together with disappointment that ruling political groups seem incapable of helping, lays up real trouble for the future of society. The claim to "personal fulfillment" is creating a new barbarism, a war of all against all.
—Edward R. Norman

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