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May 24, 2018

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Volume 32, Number 1
Fall 1996


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  • Awakening the Moral Imagination: Teaching Virtues Through Fairy Tales
    Vigen Guroian

Henry Regnery—In Memoriam

Case Studies


We live in a time dominated by words: the printed word in the form of books, magazines, and newspapers; the spoken word brought to us by radio and television. From the morning newspaper to the commentator on evening TV, from the first-grade primer (or basal reader, to use the ugly contemporary description) to the latest work of Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., or John Kenneth Galbraith, we are subjected to a constant flood of words, not of the word, which, as the embodiment of truth and the primal order of being was In the Beginning, but of words; words intended to implant opinions, to make us do or believe something we would not have done or believed otherwise. It is this fact of words which characterizes our time, which differentiates it from all others, and which has made those who, in one way or another, control the dissemination of words the real rulers of our society.
—Henry Regnery

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