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June 18, 2018

Intercollegiate Review Archive

Volume 24, Number 1
Fall 1988


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  • Public Choice Economics
    Robert Schenk
  • Conservatism, Rhetoric, and Politics
    Paul Gottfried & David Broyles


Possibly the American people at large did not share fully in either the philosophy of conservative anticommunism or that of Cold War liberalism. Perhaps they shouldered the burdens of World War II and the Cold War in a reluctant and defensive effort to restrain aggressive and indecent dictatorships, not to reduce the world to the American model or any other model. Perhaps all they wanted was a government, in the words of Charles Pinckney, "sufficiently active and energetic to rescue us from contempt and preserve our domestic happiness and security. ..." For this they did not need any philosophy. All they needed was a normal and traditional faith in their country and its institutions.
—Clyde Wilson

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