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June 18, 2018

Intercollegiate Review Archive

Volume 6, Number 3
Spring 1970


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The University: Education versus the New Orthodoxy – A Supplement

  • The “Power” Problem on Campus: An Economist’s View
    Israel M. Kirzner
  • Faculty Responsibility for the Mess in Higher Education
    Stephen Tonsor
  • Confrontation in the University: Academic Freedom Versus Social Commitment
    George R. Vick


A Look at the Media – A Supplement

  • What’s Wrong With The New York Times?
    Paul Jones
  • The Liberty and Responsibility of the Press
    Clyde Wilson


  • Is There No Enemy to the Left?
    Lawrence D. Pratt


Current mass attachment on the part of the lower intelligentsia to dubious and dogmatic systems of politics and aesthetics is something that has happened very often before. If these enthusiasts were taught a genuine form of ‘comparative’ studies, they could learn how previous generations of at least equal intelligence went wild over absurd theological fads, schemes for political Utopias, aesthetic crazes and pseudo-sciences. The student would be required to explain in what way present attitudes showed an undeniable and irrefutable superiority. But instead of argument one is offered quibbles—as the lawyers speak of ‘legalisms’; the sort of formulae often produced could be condemned as mere ‘psychologisms’ or ‘sociologisms’.

As a result, students lapse into such things as ‘peace’ demonstrations in favour of one of the armies in a current war, thus fulfilling Orwell’s slogan ‘War is Peace’. The Marcusian student motto ‘toleration is oppression’ is no more than Orwell’s ‘Freedom is Slavery’. Newspeak is already here. The Language has been debased to slogans and formulae which can be assembled into the similitude of intelligible speech by connections consisting of meaningless words. Many students and others are ‘articulate’, but they are articulate in a jargon bearing a good deal less relation to reality than the highly ‘articulate’ formulae of alchemists had to real chemical processes.
Undotheboys Hall
Robert Conquest

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