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January 29, 2015

Intercollegiate Review Archive

Volume 4, Number 2-3
January-March 1968


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  • The Dimensions of Strategy
    André Beaufre
  • What is the Moral Crisis of Our Time?
    Will Herberg
  • Computerocracy
    Frederic Nelson
  • Individualism and Self-love
    Lawrence S. Stepelevich
  • Anti-trust Threats to the Market Economy
    Simon N. Whitney

Book Reviews


I do not think that the system of interest, as it is professed in America, is, in all its parts, self-evident; but it contains a great number of truths so evident, that men, if they are but educated, cannot fail to see them. Educate, then, at any rate; for the age of implicit self-sacrifice and instinctive virtues is already flitting far away from us, and the time is fast approaching when freedom, public peace, and social order will not be able to exist without education.
Democracy in America
Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1859)

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