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November 17, 2018

In Their Own Words: Understanding Al-Qaeda
Raymond Ibrahim - 05/02/11

In the wake of the news of Osama bin Laden's death, an intense focus will certainly be placed upon him and al-Qaeda on the part of the public at large. To aid these efforts, Raymond Ibrahim's lecture, “In Their Own Words: Understanding Al-Qaeda," can certainly be of use.

As Ibrahim states:

According to their own writings . . . even if all of al-Qaeda's grievances against the West are valid, even if they are, nothing less than submission to Islam can ever lead to peace. . . . And what's worse is, I would argue, that human nature is such, that all humans whatever religion, are prone to being violent or egotistical, wanting always to have their way, to conquer, to spread their rules. So how much worse is it though, when you have a religion that actually advocates that, and tells you it's a commandment of God?

You can find Ibrahim's lecture here.

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