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Some years ago, lots of people were only able to see movies of their choice by visiting the cinema. The story, however, is a lot different today. Many people now have a habit of watching movies online from the comfort of their homes. This habit has created a huge market for online platforms dedicated to streaming movies. While there are lots of sites where the average person can watch movies of their choice, some of the most popular sites dedicated to the streaming of movies are Amazon Prime and Netflix. These sites are great. They, however, are associated with a premium subscription.

Now, paying a premium subscription to watch movies of your choice is not bad. However, not everyone can afford this lifestyle. People that love watching movies but cannot afford the expensive lifestyle associated with watching movies on Netflix are not alone as there are websites that were designed to meet their needs. An example of these websites is IOMovies. This platform makes it possible to watch a movie of your choice without paying a fee.

IOMovies is a great site. It, however, is not the only site that offers free movie watching. It has lots of alternatives. Some of these alternatives are contained in this article. Read on to find out what they are.


This platform used to be very famous for streaming cartoons. Although an old platform for streaming movies, 123movies is no longer as popular as it used to. It has gone through a series of challenges and has even had a change in its domain name a couple of times

This movie platform might be dealing with a lot of challenges. That, however, does not take away the fact that it is an alternative to IOMovies. One reason why this mobile streaming website is a worthy alternative to IOMovies is it is rich in various movie genres and television series. That’s not all. Finding a movie on 123movies is easy as the various movies it houses are separated into different catalogs.


Putlocker9 is a famous alternative to IOMovies and has a reputation for containing lots of famous television shows. So, beyond watching your favorite television shows, you can also follow the trend in television shows.

Putlocker9 comes with an easy to use interface. You, therefore, do not need to be an expert at streaming online content before you can get the best out of it. Getting to your favorite content is easy as the contents on this platform are organized into various categories. Furthermore, you can choose to download the content on this website or stream them.


This website is dedicated to television shows and movies. It has a lot of similarities to IOMovies. One major similarity is the type of interface it has. Anyone that is used to watching movies on IOMovies will be able to watch movies on this website very easily as its interface is like that of IOMovies.

Getting the exact movie you want to watch on Yes!Movies is not complicated as its many movies are divided into various sections based in genre. Furthermore, the movies on this website have the right labeling.

This site might be very rich in contents. It, however, is not free from ads. There are times these ads could lead to malicious sites. This means you will need to be careful when you stream movies on this site. One way to do this is by using adblock software while streaming any content if your choice.


Contained in FMovies are movies of different varieties. While this site is famous as a website for streaming movies, it is not limited to just the streaming of movies. It also makes provision for downloading movies of your choice. This can be done at no cost. The contents on this website are so much you will always have something to keep you busy during free weekends. The movies on this site might not be in a language you are familiar with. You, however, can enjoy them as they come with subtitles.

This website dedicated to movies has lots of amazing features. One of these features is you will not have to deal with any interruptions while watching as it does not allow the display of ads. This is great. Nonetheless, there is more, the movies on this platform are grouped into different genres. This, therefore, makes it possible to get a movie you are interested in very easily.


Niter might not be the most famous alternative to IOMovies. It, however, is a famous platform for streaming movies. It is rich in movies of different genres. You, therefore, do not have to limit yourself to just one genre or a few genres when on this website.

If you are looking to enjoy recently added movies, this site is one you should consider as it has a section that is all about movies that just got added to its catalog. Additionally, it has a section for movies that will be added to its catalog shortly. This goes a long way to prove that this website is one that has a special interest in new content.

Discovering the movie you want to watch is very easy. The reason for this is the movies on this website are labeled appropriately. You, therefore, will not need to spend so much time trying to find out the movies that you are interested in watching.

The movies on Niter are of very high quality. Regardless of this, you will have to deal with a lot of ads when watching them. As a matter of fact, Niter is perhaps the IOMovies alternative with the highest number of ads.


Are you looking for an IOMovies alternative where you can spend the entire day watching television shows and movies without having to deal with any ads? Movie4u is one platform you should give a lot of consideration to. This website is user-friendly and has a clean interface. Additionally, you can know a little about a movie before watching it as all the movies on this platform have short previews and the right IMDb evaluation.

This website is not free from advertisements. So, if you are very uncomfortable with advertisements, it just might not be the right site for you to visit. The ads on this site might not be very safe for your device. Due to this, ensure you have an Adblock program on while you stream movies.


WatchFree is a website that contains cartoons and television series. Due to the large number of contents it houses, it is impossible to ever get done with this site. You will have to keep coming back time after time to get all that it has to offer.

The movie catalog of this website gets updated regularly. You, therefore, will always have access to fresh content. This site lacks a database. So, every movie you are looking to watch will be gotten from external sources. The implication of this is you can choose the source you want to watch a movie from. Additionally, you do not need to be an expert at watching content in order to make use of this site as it is very easy to use. You also will not need to worry about ads popping up while you watch a movie.


This movie platform makes room for streaming online movies without paying a fee. It houses links to some of the most trusted websites dedicated to streaming movies. This means you will not struggle to get the movies you are interested in watching. Beyond just having movies to watch, you will enjoy a lot of high definition movies.


This website is associated with classic movies. It also has a reputation for top-quality pictures. This website might be more associated with films. It, however, is not limited to films. It also houses American animations, anime, and oriental dramas.


On Moviewatcher, you will always get a movie that you are interested in as it contains a broad range of movies. This includes old, as well as very recent movies. Because of its huge library of movies, it is a great alternative to IOMovies.

This site comes with many features. One of these features is you do not need to watch a movie before finding out how low or high its quality is. On this site, before you go ahead to watch a movie, you can tell how high or how low its quality is. You, therefore, will not be dealing with any surprises.

Although famous for housing lots of movies, this website is not limited to just movies. It also houses lots of American TV series. So, if you are a series person, it is one website you should try out. 

Moviewatcher is user-friendly. As soon as you find yourself on this site, you can make use of its buttons very easily even if you are not tech-savvy.


Zmovies comes with lots of amazing features and is more than a site where you can stream movies. It is a site that gives room for the download of movies. This movie platform might not be the most popular around. It is a worthy alternative to IOMovies.

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