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Sites Like Project Free TV Alternatives – New Domain Movies

Project Free TV (also known as PFTV) is one of the oldest online video streaming websites popularly used to Livestream videos. Although several websites offer online streaming on this day but in times past, viewers much rely on PFTV to watch videos online. They can also download these videos so they can watch them later. 

PFTV also gains access to other websites to copy and upload its contents. This is illegal, and other copyright websites that offer similar services file a petition against FPTV for illegally uploading copyright contents on its website. Since 2013, the Project Free TV website has been banned.

How PFTV works

When a user visits the free project TV website and searches for a video or a TV show, PFTV searches through other websites with the unique video content searched for. It then streams it freely in a web-based video player for the viewer. On its website, there are various categories of contents that can be viewed, but the popular ones include;

  • Web series
  • Latest and old movies
  • TV shows
  • Newly released Movies 

Is PFTV Legal, and Can you be fined for visiting the PFTV website?

Fortunately, you won’t be penalized for viewing content on the FPTV. So, keep your mind at rest and sit back while you enjoy your favorite movie on Free Project TV. Indeed, it is entirely illegal to upload copyright contents without seeking proper permission. 

On the other hand, FPTV operates legally because FPTV is just a search engine and not a full video hosting website. Also, there is no law against watching illegal content on your mobile as long as you do so in secret. You only commit an offense when you make money off it or show these scenes in public. 

It is also illegal to download such explicit content and is punishable under the law in some countries. What Free Project TV does is provide a link to users, and through the links, they can stream videos. This link can only stream videos online and not download. 

Rest assured that all that you do on the FPTV website is legal. You won’t be fined and penalized for watching videos online. Several other webpages offer similar services as the FPTV, they include;

  • KissAsian
  • Tubi TV
  • Stream2watch 
  • TV Player
  • Retrovision 
  • YouTube 
  • PopcornFlix
  • TV Duck
  • Vumoo
  • The Watch Series TV 


If you are fascinated by Asian content, this page is best recommended for you. You can easily enjoy Asian videos, including Taiwan movies, all in English subtitles. There is a total of 2840 TV series from Korea, Japan, and China movies. 

With an easy-to-operate user interface and the ads blocker feature, you wouldn’t even encounter any disturbance during your movie experience. Another benefit you stand to enjoy is choosing from its extensive collections of movies, shows, and TV series. But some TV shows may be illegal as they are contents cropped from other websites. 

With all being said, this webpage is right for you if you are an Asian movie lover.

Tubi TV

Rather than paid streaming websites, Tubi TV can be a better option for online video streaming. This is because Tubi TV offers online video streaming for viewers in America. Tubi TV has some exciting movies and TV shows that will keep you entertained.

You can log on to the Tubi TV website or gain access via the app. You can download the Tubi TV app from the app store (for iOS devices) and Google Playstore (for android devices). It is also available on PlayStation and XBOX.

One detriment to using Tubi TV is the commercial ads that pop up before and during live streaming. You can’t do without it, no way! These compelling contents will always pop up, even in upgraded versions of the app.

You can’t even discard it with a one-time payment. Nevertheless, to use Tubi TV, you don’t have to log in. Except you want to access some services, services like continuing the video from where you stopped or watching explicit scenes. 

Tubi TV also partners with MGM, Starz, and Lionsgate to give you the best entertainment experience.


For viewers that are sport-oriented, stream2watch is an alternative for free online streaming. The website broadcasts sports, table tennis, badminton, cycling, and basketball, among all other games.
It features two categories; live TV and Live sports. 

Live TV live-streams the sports activity on any of the 400 live sports channels anywhere worldwide while live sports broadcast contents as highlights. To cap it all, you watch all of the channels at high quality and free of charge.

TV Player

Watching live TV on mobile devices has been made easier with TV player as it offers about 75 TV channels in its free version. These channels include CNN, Bloomberg, and spike. But in its paid version, you’ve got to enjoy 30 more channels, including MTV, Lifetime, Eurosport, and History.

Although subscribing to Netflix is way better, it offers you more value for your money than the TV player paid version. But if you’re okay with the free version, it’s a good bargain.


Are you a nostalgic being? Or you’re just someone that loves classic movies? Then the retro-vision is the best recommendation for you. 

Retro-vision offers a range of free online classic movies that you can easily access with its easy-to-use user interface. It allows you to select the genre of a film of your choice. This is what makes it an absolute alternative for free project TV.

Various genres available include crime, comedy, horror, war, adventure, drama, western, cartoons, and sci-fi movies. It also has an android app known as classic UHF, but the android app might not display all the movies as its web version would have. Its major con is the video qualities, which are not up to standard. This is because the movies are old-fashioned.


Youtube is a popular online streaming website; virtually everyone has been using YouTube streaming services. If you haven’t, then YouTube can be the right Free Project TV for you. Although you may not find TV series according to your search, but if you wish to watch videos, Youtube can be the best online streaming website.


PopcornFlix is similar to Tubi TV, but with a more straightforward user interface. With just two clicks, you can start watching your favorite movie. PopcornFlix promises to deliver a great movie experience, relax, and enjoy what it has to offer.

To cap it all, it is also free and legal. The only thing you can be worried about is the ads that pop up during streaming. These ads can be cumbersome at times. Asides that, you can grab a bucket of popcorn, sit back, and enjoy your movie.

TV Duck

TV Duck is similar to Vumoo as it has the same features and is also free. It also offers a high quality of videos in various categories. You will be entertained on this free project TV in HD quality except if the video is old and has copyright issues. 

Apart from this, you wouldn’t pinpoint a difference between these two free project TVs except for the annoying ads and misleading links that pop up on TV Duck. This seems to be its only con.


Vumoo is a content sourcing website with a large variety of free contents sourced from other websites. Although it is against the law to upload copyright contents without permission, Vumoo does not violate this rule. This is because Vumoo is not a website host and does not upload content on its site. 

It only obtains its content from other websites. Hence presents the contents you would pay to watch on Netflix or Amazon prime to you for free.

The Watch Series TV

Thrilling and great movies brought to your convenience at your home’s comfort; this is what the watch series TV does. With its friendly user interface and the embedded filter tool, you can get the exact content you search for in the shortest possible time. The significant part of it is that it is available to all viewers from various parts of the world. 

Users can access it anytime, anywhere, and it is free! What’s more, it is free of annoying ads that pop up during a live streaming session. So, sit back and watch your favorite TV series.

Wrap Up 

Offering copyrighted content is entirely illegal and not allowed in any part of the world. But Project Free TV only directs you to streaming links. This implies that everything you do on the site is absolutely legal, and you won’t be fined. Visit any of the above-listed websites, start streaming, and enjoy your movie experience.

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