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Born on the 1st of August, 1972, Thomas Ernest Woods Jr. is a historian author, podcaster, and political commentator. He has published a dozen books and is a New York Times Best-Selling author. As an author, Woods has written on various subjects. Popular among them are contemporary politics, economics, Catholicism, and the United States’ history. While Woods is not an economist, he is a supporter of the Austrian School of economics.

Thomas Woods’ Education

Woods graduated from Harvard University in 1994. He also obtained an M.Phil. and Ph.D. from Columbia University. In addition to all the degrees in history that he has acquired, he is a senior fellow of the Ludwig von Mises Institute which is located in Auburn, Alabama. In addition to being a part of this institute, Woods is also a member of the editorial board for the Libertarian Papers of this institute.

While getting a first degree in history from Harvard and having a Ph.D. and M.Phil. from Columbia University are good enough decorations, Woods has some other decorations. He emerged an ISI Richard M. Weaver Fellow in 1995, as well as 1996. Also, in 2004, he was the recipient of the 2004 O.P. Alford III Prize for Libertarian Scholarship.

That’s not all about the awards and decorations that are attached to Wood’s name. He also received three awards from the Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University. One of those awards was a Claude R. Lambe Fellowship award and the other two were Humane Studies Fellowships.

Beyond being a historian, Thomas Woods is one of the founders of the League of the South, a body with a goal of ensuring that the political, economic, social, and cultural well-being of people in the south is advanced.

Woods’ Publications

Woods is a best-selling author. The implication of this is he has made a mark with publishing some of his works. Although not all his books are bestsellers, ‘The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History’ which was written by him made it to the list of The New York Times Best Seller for paperbacks in 2005. While the book was a great commercial success, this level of success that it attained commercially came with some level of criticism. According to journalist Cathy Young, this book is not accurate. It was also criticized by Max Boot and Ronald Radosh.

The book ‘The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History’ is not Woods only book that is a best seller.  In 2009, Wood released a book titled ‘Meltdown’. This book also became a best seller.

Due to the fact that he is a best-selling author and has numerous degrees in history, Woods’ views on various matters are usually regarded as important. Let’s walk down through some of his views on very important topics.

Woods’ View on Libertarianism

When issues bothering on Libertarianism are raised, Thomas Woods is a paleolibertarian and a Rothbardian anarcho-capitalist.

Woods’ View on Catholicism: Thomas Wood is a member of the Roman Catholic Church. This is, therefore, an indication that his view of the Catholicism is one that will definitely favor the Roman Catholic Church. Although not born into the Roman Catholic Church, Woods left the Lutheran church and became a member of the Roman Catholic Church. As a member of the Roman Catholic Church, Woods shed more light on how the Roman Catholic Church played a major role in building Western Civilization. A lot of people wonder how he was able to get this done. He did this is a book titled ‘How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization’. As a member of the Roman Catholic Church, Thomas Woods was an associate editor of The Latin Mass Magazine for a period of 11 years. This magazine was a book that served as an advocate for traditional Catholicism.

Woods is an advocate of cultural conservatism and something he describes as the Old Latin Mass.

On Conservatism: Thomas Woods used to be a neoconservative. He, however, stopped being one when his views changed. Since he is no longer a member, Woods has strongly criticized support for neo-conservatism.

Tom Woods has made it clearly known that there is an obvious difference between neoconservative thinkers and paleoconservative thinkers. As a former neoconservative member and presently a non-sympathizer with this group of people, Woods has been at the receiving end of a lot of backlashes.

Woods’ views on conservatism might absolutely be his business, they, however, have led to strong and unwanted responses from conservatives. These responses were directed at his book ‘Politically Incorrect Guide to American History’. After the release of his book ‘Politically Incorrect Guide to American History,’ he got a lot of reviews. One of them was a review from Max Boot. In his review of Woods’ book, Max Boot accused Thomas Woods of giving Southerners more sympathy than necessary.

Tom Woods as a Podcaster

As a podcaster, Wood has anchored some popular events. Some of them are the Tom Woods Show and Contra Krugman

The Tom Woods Show: Tom Woods began delivering podcasts in 2013. Since September 2013, he has delivered a podcast each day. The Tom Woods Show is one of his podcasts. Prior to becoming a podcast, the Tom Woods show used to be hosted on the website of Peter Schiff, an investment broker. Some of the episodes of this podcast which were hosted on Peter Schiff’s website are now a part of the archive on Tom Woods’ website. Through this podcast, Woods carries out interviews on history, foreign policy, and topics bordering on economics.

Contra Krugman: Contra Krugman is Thomas Woods’ second podcast. This Podcast began in September 2015. It is a weekly Podcast and is hosted alongside Robert P. Murphy. Although its aim is not to criticize any one’s work, the approach it takes is one that strongly criticizes Paul Krugman’s columns on The New York Times. The major aim of this podcast is to teach its listeners some basics of economics. It does this by drawing attention to some of the errors of Krugman and teaching listeners ways to avoid such mistakes.

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